The whole universe and outer space (macrocosmos) as well as individual life (microcosmos) are run and ruled by numbers. Numbers are carriers of different energies or vibrations that work precisely and keep all God's or universal laws in perfect order and harmony. There is only order in the entire cosmos. There was never a chaos and will never be. It doesn't matter what we think about it or what we were taught in school or elsewhere: the existence is not blind or random. The only tragedy there is a human being not willing to know and understand those laws and yet insisting to always be happy. But the truth shall set you free and the ignorance shall tighten your shackles.

By definition, Destiny is the power or agency that determines the course of events - something that is to happen or has happened to you; lot or fortune. In order to unlock and decode this power, we use the art of reading numbers since numbers rule the Universe and the whole existence. Your Destiny Number indicates the environment and the overall circumstances or conditions in life where you should successfully fulfil your life purpose.

Your Destiny Number triggers and activates specific strengths, traits and predispositions in your nature and prompts you to take certain direction in life. Thus it attracts people, places, and things for you to fulfil your purpose. From cradle to grave, you are marked with Your Destiny Number and it is like a 'seal' for you in this whole lifetime. It awaits for you to fulfil it. You can't find peace until you do it.

  • Do you know what is Your Destiny?
  • What is the Purpose Of Your Existence?
  • What is the direction that your life is headed to?
  • What should you do in life to feel happy and fulfilled?
  • What is that burning issue in your life that you feel is waiting to be addressed and accomplished?
  • What is it that specific and special thing you feel you should grasp but somehow or other fail to do again and again?
  • Do you have an ongoing feeling that something is missing in your life?
  • Do you feel as if it is so big that it is like surpassing your abilities?
  • Do you feel as if you need to make a great change or turn around in your life?

Get to know your own Destiny Number through your own personalised analysis that will inspire, transform and move you to action.

There are dozens of other numbers in your chart that help to define and shape your unique individuality but the Destiny Number is the strongest and the most important of them.

Do yourself a favor and try me!


Please don't think that your Destiny is to be 'rich' or 'poor'. Nothing has less connection with your Destiny than that. Unless there is a specific personal involvement in a certain and unique creational process, there can be no happiness for any individual. 

No, it's not true that you can Fulfil Your Destiny without even knowing what it is. It is also not true that just by getting it for free online you will be able to grasp it. You can get your bunch of numbers at any such site. But to 'connect the dots' between all those numbers is possible only manually and is part of intuitive process on numerologist's part.  It is also not true that there is a formula you can copy from others and apply it in your life. You need to clearly understand yourself, your own calling. Know yourself and find out your own unique formula!


To Your Success!

Happy to serve You,

Nea Featherpray, Your Numerologist

Numbers are Guides to Your Destiny.
Decode Yourself with Your Numbers.
Get fascinated by the Accuracy of Your Numbers and Time Sync.
Knowing Your Numbers Empowers You.
Numbers don't lie. They are scientific.
Get Your Life Transforming Analysis.
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