Number 8 is said to be a sign of infinity. In Vedic terms this sign is connected with 'samsara' - the eternal cycle of birth and death. Number 8 is the last and the deadliest snare of illusion (maya). Numerologically speaking, number 7 that preceds number 8, is the beginning of a serious spiritual awakening and renunciation of the world, matter, this body, gross and subtle part of it (false ego).

But the spiritual potential of number 7 can't reach it's full potential until it goes through number 8 which represents power and money. When 7 successfully passes through the "ring of fire" of 8, it will be allowed to enter to the energy of number 9 which is the last of the numbers.
Number 9 is the number of divine qualities and the highest standards, unconditional love, compassion and selfless service, the number of perfection, completion of material existence's lessons and ultimate transcendence of it, the excellence of spirituality, the number of total surrender unto God and complete and natural renunciation of all material attractions that bind us to material world forcing us to take birth after birth in material bodies over and over again making us experience the same experiences in different conditions (which we don't remember due to 'amnesia' of past lives) with little happiness and tones of miseries.

I am speaking about full potential of above mentioned numbers. We are all on the way to reach our full potential which translates into full personal integrity while faithfully executing our lives' purpose. From lifetime to lifetime, we have been slowly spiritually evolving since time immemorial. Full integration and maturity comes through mastering ALL numbers starting from 1 to 9 (and their associated energies) in our lives. As long as one area (or number) is not mastered, we won't be allowed to go further. Therefore, the same lessons appear again and again in uncountable ways.

The number 8 in this regard is a means to transcend and spiritualize all material issues - starting from body, money, power, work, anything that has direct or indirect connection with matter in any shape or form. It is the actual "bridge" into the spiritual realm. There is no way you can "jump in" or "drop into" spiritual realm without passing through number 8 which can be 'as hard as hell' and 'as long as infinity'.

Notice that number 8 has even two "rings of fire" - like an input and the output. After you master the energy of number 8, you still have to fully master 9 energy, but once you master 8, the doors to infinity definitely start to open.

Your soul knows all this. Let it come through, let it shine in all its' pure dazzling splendor as a spark of pure eternal Great Spirit, The Supreme Spiritual Being, the Creator and the Source of All that Is.

Numerology has immense power to help us in that regard and that is why I have chosen number 8 and the ancient Symbol of Infinity as a logo for my humble service that I try to render to God and humanity.