Client's Testimonials

"This is so incredible and more true to who I am than any astrology chart I've seen so far.. I cannot tell you how happy this has made me and how much I appreciate your hard work to do this. I absolutely feel God guiding you in this chart and know it's all the truth and totally real. I just read through once but am printing to take home to read over and over. You are so spot on about my need for solitude and well everything else too!! :) I'm so so happy you are in my life. I'm so fortunate!!"
Vicky L.M., USA

"I just finished the reading and the only words I can come up with right now is, WOW! So much amazing information and the accuracy is incredible. I have to digest all of this and re-read and re-read again. The whole understanding of the dynamics of how this kind of reading works will take some time to learn and fully understand. But I can see the value in it in helping me reach my full potential! This is amazing! You are certainly gifted in this area and see a wonderful future for you in giving these great readings to many people in the future."
Christina A., Mexico

"Nea's numerology analysis was a confirmation for things I intuitively felt for some time. I was running around in circles and didn't understand what is happening with me. I felt as if I was not my 'real self' and that I sail in some strange waters. What I realized by reading analysis inspired me to make a turn around, encouraged and empowered me to make new decisions that would guide me towards fulfilment of my personal potentials. Now I feel less insecure and I know that if I use my talents, it can bring my life back into balance and in this way I can help myself and other people."
Sonja K., Croatia

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